Junior Lifeguarding

Designed for kids ages 10- 17 it helps build a foundation of knowledge, attitudes and skills for future lifeguards.
The Junior Lifeguarding course (formerly known as "GuardStart") is a key component of the Lifeguarding program. It creates a lifeguarding feeder program to help aquatics supervisors recruit the most promising


Lifeguarding candidates for future employment.

Core Concept:
Junior Lifeguarding has a strong focus on developing swimming skills to help participants meet the Lifeguarding course prerequisite. The course also introduces participants to lifesaving skills, such as in-water rescues, use of a rescue tube, and first aid, CPR and AED. Participants also have the opportunity to shadow lifeguards in rotation to get a real sense of being on the job.


To make the course easy for aquatics facilities to implement, Junior Lifeguarding can be taught by any experienced lifeguard with oversight by a Red Cross-certified Lifeguarding Instructor or Water Safety Instructor. The course is about 2 days by 8  hours long and includes 15 lessons 8 hour per day.


Before entering Junior Lifeguarding, participants must demonstrate the following skills: 

■ Swim the front crawl for 25 yards continuously while breathing to the front or side. 
■ Swim the breaststroke for 25 yards using a pull, breathe, kick and glide sequence. 
■ Complete the Water Competency Sequence
*Ability to swim 100 yards in under or around two minutes.
*Ability to tread water for a minimum of five minutes.
*Ability to swim continuously 25 feet under water.

Location : Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 

500 SW 127th ave , Miami FL 33184

Date: 4 - 5 September 2020

Price: $220

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